How it works

How to find a short-term rental in Dubai, without No booking fees or agent fees

Contact, Online Viewing

Contact us, let us know what your short stay rental needs, were give you a 3D vritual realistic immersive tour of homes so you can experierce the property online so you feel like they’re really there.


Book A Viewing

New, we will meet you so you can view the property, to ensure your happy


Paperwork, Payments

Unlike long term rentals, all our homes are already to go and move into the same or next day. You can rent most homes weekly or month by month, we just need a copy of your passport, visa, payment and rental agreement.


Move in

– NO EJARI requirements – No agent fees are involved – All bedding are included – All towels are included – Housekeeping and be arranged So you can move in and call it home.


Need to stay longer?

Need to stay longer, let us know asp and we can extend your booking.


Short-term rentals in Dubai have become increasingly popular for individuals moving to the city or those looking for temporary accommodations.

Whether you’re planning to stay for a few weeks or a few months, short-term rentals offer a convenient and flexible housing solution. One notable provider of such rentals is DVH Holiday Homes, known for their efficient management of properties and excellent customer service.

For newcomers to Dubai, short-term rentals offer a seamless transition into the city. These properties are fully furnished, saving you the hassle of buying and moving furniture. Fresh bedding and towels are provided, ensuring a comfortable and welcoming stay from the moment you arrive. Moreover, DVH Holiday Homes take care of all utility bills, allowing you to enjoy your stay without the worry of additional expenses.

One of the key advantages of short-term rentals is the absence of long-term contracts. Whether you’re in Dubai for a month or a year, you have the flexibility to choose the duration of your stay. This gives you the freedom to extend or end your lease as per your needs, without being tied down by lengthy agreements.

When it’s time to leave Dubai, short-term rentals offer a hassle-free departure. You don’t have to worry about selling or storing furniture, as everything is already provided. Additionally, DVH Holiday Homes takes care of the cleaning process, ensuring that the property is left in excellent condition.

Another advantage of short-term rentals in Dubai is the absence of agent fees for tenants. This means you can save on additional costs typically associated with traditional rental agreements. Furthermore, DVH Holiday Homes offers convenient monthly payment options, allowing you to budget and manage your expenses effectively.

Should you require additional support during your stay, DVH Holiday Homes provides optional weekly housekeeping services for a nominal fee. This ensures that your living space remains clean and tidy throughout your stay, without any added burden on your part.

In conclusion, short-term rentals in Dubai, particularly managed by DVH Holiday Homes, offer a range of benefits for those seeking temporary accommodations. From their fully furnished properties and inclusive utility bills to flexible contracts and exceptional customer service, these rentals provide a convenient and hassle-free living experience in the vibrant city of Dubai.